Los Angeles Area Real Estate Development Lawyers

Real estate development in California is a highly challenging area of law due to the regulatory scheme the state has put in place. At The Law Offices of Kenny Tan, we have the attorneys and staff ready to take such challenges on. We have been providing representation for developers and construction companies since opening our law firm in 1994.

Attorney Kenny Tan has in-depth knowledge regarding a whole host of issues relating to residential and commercial real estate development. He understands the land use and zoning considerations, environmental compliance issues and a large number of regulatory concerns applicable to this area of law. Besides being a lawyer with over 20 years of real estate litigation experience, he is a real estate broker and licensed civil engineer.

Land Entitlement Issues In Real Estate Development

We are the firm Southern California developers retain when it concerns gaining approval to develop property for commercial purposes. Having the kind of knowledge and experience that Kenny Tan possesses, he navigates his clients through this process in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Having worked in the area land development regarding a large number of soil engineering projects, he has the kind of hands-on work experience that is unmatched. He knows how to speak the language of developers, construction consultants and engineers. Kenny Tan provides you with a frank assessment regarding your chances of approval on any real estate development project.

Importantly, Kenny Tan has been working with city industry leaders in Diamond Bar, Fremont, Anaheim and other localities in the Los Angeles area for a long period of time. He can analyze your needs and put together the proper documentation in helping gain approval for your real estate development project. As an experienced litigator and advocate, he can provide effective representation for you in front of municipal governing boards.

The Services We Provide

The services The Law Offices of Kenny Tan provides include:

  • Zoning, Zoning Variances and Rezoning Issues
  • Preparation of Permit Applications and Supporting Documentations
  • Land and Property Inspections
  • Advocacy at Administrative Hearings
  • Resolution of Development Disputes through Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Contract Negotiation

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