Real Estate Agent Legal Representation

California real estate agents and brokers are subject to a large number of regulations and restrictions. Property title claims or mistakes made in real estate closings are potentially costly and could lead to the loss of your real estate license.

With over 20 years of real estate experience, The Law Offices of Kenny Tan provide the sorts of advice and guidance that prevent litigation from occurring. In the event litigation does occur, he is also a powerful advocate for you in court and makes certain there is protection for your interests and concerns.

Allegations Of Agent Duty Breaches

There are several fiduciary duties that a real estate agent must abide by under state and federal law. These include:

  • Loyalty: The agent must act in the best interest of the real estate buyers they represent.
  • Obedience: The agent must abide by all applicable laws and follow the lawful instructions of purchasers.
  • Disclosure: An agent must disclose relevant and material information to buyers regarding transactions.
  • Confidentiality: An agent must not disclose lawful confidences made by a purchaser.
  • Reasonable care and diligence: An agent must take care when representing purchasers in real estate transactions.
  • Accounting: An agent must account for money and property belonging to the buyers they represent.

Allegations of breach of any of these duties can lead to substantial fines and penalties. For example, a buyer claiming such a breach may seek substantial financial recovery.

As he has represented sellers, buyers and real estate agents in claims, attorney Kenny Tan understands every aspect of agent representation. As a real estate lawyer, he understands how to resolve real estate disagreements and disputes through a number of avenues. He also understands the nature of real estate transactions. This allows him to provide advice that prevents disputes from arising to begin with.

Real Estate Agent Defense In Diamond Bar, California

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