Legal Help for Property Owners and Management Companies in Southern California and San Francisco

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Kenny Tan represent landlords in real estate-related disputes throughout Southern California and up to the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide effective legal counsel for property managers and property owners in cases involving various types of landlord-tenant disputes, unlawful detainers (evictions), landlord defense, and rent control issues.

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Landlord-Tenant Law/Disputes

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Kenny Tan represent landlords and property managers in landlord-tenant disputes throughout Southern California and up to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unlawful Detainers/Eviction

To avoid the steep fines associated with violations of relevant local and state laws, we provide legal guidance on proper eviction procedures.

In California, numerous local and state laws govern the eviction process and related issues. To avoid violating one or many of these complex laws, it is important to consult with attorneys who have experience with landlord-tenant disputes falling under their purview. A landlord who takes unlawful actions such as changing locks or moving a tenant’s property out of an apartment may be subject to a civil action and a daily fine, even if the tenant is in default of the lease.

A tenant must be given sufficient notice of eviction – the reasonableness of the notice is determined according to the specific cause for eviction. Even if a tenant is given proper notice and doesn’t move out within the required time frame, he or she must be given a second notice, referred to as an unlawful detainer.

We can assist with filing an unlawful detainer action against a tenant who refuses to vacate the property. Our attorney, Kenny Tan, is also the owner of a property management company, giving him the unique ability to offer advice regarding the practical reality of handling these issues.

Avoid unnecessary legal issues in relation to eviction of tenants. Contact the Law Offices of Kenny Tan today to talk with an experienced attorney about unpaid rent.

Landlord Defense

We focus our work in the area of landlord-tenant disputes solely on behalf of landlords and property managers. Most cases involve lease violations on the part of a commercial tenant or residential renter. We also advise and represent property owners in the California eviction process.

In addition to his extensive legal knowledge, real estate attorney Kenny Tan is the owner of a property management company. He has firsthand knowledge of landlord-tenant issues and how problems develop. He helps clients find resolution to a wide variety of property management disputes:

  • Rental payment issues – late rent, unpaid rent
  • Violations of lease agreements – pet violations
  • Title issues – tenants’ right to purchase a property; right of first refusal
  • Premises liability – personal injury claims involving slip-and-fall accidents, and inadequate security
  • Eviction matters – three-day notices, 30-day notices, unlawful detainer lawsuits
    • Retaliatory eviction matters
    • We also defend landlords and property managers accused of:
    • Retaliatory eviction, or other wrongful eviction;
    • Housing discrimination claims;
    • Maintenance issues; and
    • Charges of negligent management.

Rent Collection Attorney

Timely rent payment is crucial to the smooth operation of a property. It follows that rent collection is one of the most important responsibilities of a property manager or landlord.

At the Law Offices of Kenny Tan, our lawyers represent landlords throughout Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide effective legal advice for property managers on all issues related to rent collection. If you have questions about appropriate methods of rent collection, contact an experienced California lawyer.

Landlord Rights Lawyer

Payment of rent is a tenant’s contractual obligation; if he or she is behind in rent payments, he or she has defaulted on the lease. Nonetheless, methods of rent collection, evictions and other landlord-tenant disputes are regulated by several complicated laws, including local rent stabilization ordinances and state regulations. Further, if a tenant has rent control, he or she enjoys additional protection in landlord-tenant disputes and eviction defenses under relevant laws.

Violations of these regulatory laws can lead to steep fines, having disastrous results for profitability and operations. To avoid such an outcome, our lawyers offer experienced legal counsel regarding applicable laws and regulations.

Our attorney, Kenny Tan, also owns a property management company, giving him firsthand knowledge of rent collection disputes. He can protect against tenant abuse of rights by advising on proper identification, documentation and handling of such cases.

Rent Disputes Law Firm

Avoid violations of laws relevant to rent collection. Protect yourself against unnecessary legal issues and avoid fines. Contact the Law Offices of Kenny Tan today to talk with an experienced landlord rights attorney.