Client Testimonials

"I asked Carol F. to refer an attorney to represent me in a dispute with my neighbor on a HOA issue. She told me Kenny Tan delivered what he promised. That comment alone was enough for me to retain him." - Ling C., client.

"I was referred to Kenny Tan by a real estate agent. I like Kenny Tan for his honesty. I feel comfortable with him because he is confident in his work." – Robert, client.

"Before I met Kenny Tan, I was afraid of hiring attorneys. In the past, I had the bad experience of not helping solve my legal problem but caused me to lose a fortune. When I heard him speaking in public for the first time, I noticed he's different from other attorneys. Aside from his knowledge and experience, he impresses me as a caring and conscientious attorney." – Kenny L. – client and friend

"Kenny Tan is fluent in both English and Chinese. He is easy to communicate with. He writes well. He has a real estate column for our local newspaper. His articles are collection items for many readers." Brian H, local newspaper publisher.

"Kenny Tan is an attorney who cares. I have known him for over 15 years. He's unselfish and practical. I often observed him help clients resolve legal disputes short of litigation. He doesn't believe in having his client spend tons of legal fees on a simple dispute." – Ino H. – client and friend.

How To Contact Our Experienced Real Estate Attorneys

The Law Offices of Kenny Tan have have firm locations in Southern and Northern California. This includes offices in Fremont and Diamond Bar. To contact our office to set up an initial consultation with one of our lawyers, please call 909-345-0546. We are fluent in Mandarin.